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DIY Ceramic Pumpkin Planter Kit

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Succulent Quantity: 2 succulent

Color: Orange Pumpkin

Style: Spanish Moss

Assemble a new classic succulent planter to add to your collection! Aside from glass bowls and wooden planters, arrange something unique this time! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Wood Pumpkin Planter is perfect for those who love collecting succulent planters of different shapes and styles.

  • Spacious and easy to customize: Add up to 3 succulents or combine them with other tiny plants as you like! You can also put some extra decors and create a theme for your new succulent planter.
  • Comes in a complete set: Get everything you need in one kit! Each wood pumpkin planter includes soil, moss, acorn accessory and a 3-inch Ceramic planter in a pumpkin shape. 
  • Easy access to sunlight: Succulents need sunlight to grow. This wood pumpkin planter has a wide opening to easily expose your new tiny plants to sun.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents