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Seaside Slope Bowl Planter Kit

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Succulent Quantity: 1 succulent

Seaside Slope Bowl Planter Kit 

Create a beautiful mini replica of a serene seaside with The Crafty Kit’s Seaside Slope Bowl Planter Kit! Its colorful mosses and decorative rocks can turn a simple planter into a lovely looking succulent arrangement.

  • Classic and spacious: Add up to 4 succulents in this slope bowl! You can also put other tiny plants to combine with your amazing succulents.
  • Easy to arrange and customize: Decorate it depending on your taste! This planter kit allows you to create your own version of seaside. You can add more decors inside as you wish.
  • Innovative and modern design: This slope bowl planter comes with an oblique opening that allows you to arrange your succulent plants easier. It’s also made with high quality glass and durable base for a more sturdy display.
  • A complete set: Everything you need in one package. Each planter kit includes a slope bowl, wish and decorative rocks and moss.
  • A perfect home decor: Display it anywhere you find it beautiful! This succulent terrarium is suitable for your room, office, balcony, or even as a centerpiece in your living room.
Suggestion 2-3 succulents