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The Crafty Kit

DIY Fairy Slope Bowl Planter Kit



Fairies are like angels--and they make wishes come true! Arrange your new succulent planter and put a fairy to protect your mini garden! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Fairy Slope Bowl Planter Kit is a great addition to your glass bowl planter collection.

  • High quality and durable - This slope bowl is made with premium glass material with a sturdy base to ensure durability for a long time.
  • All-in-one kit - Start your new succulent planter with everything you need! Each set includes an 8-inch slope bowl, a wish rock, decorative rocks, moss, a resin fairy, green pebbles, soil and a DIY instructional/plant care card.
  • Customize your own wish rock! - Add a text depending on your preference! You can also name your fairy and make it feel like it’s her own mini garden.
  • Add up to four succulents! - Spacious and easy to assemble. This slop bowl allows users to easily put everything inside and arrange them. It’s also wide enough to accommodate more succulents or other tiny plants you like.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents