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Ukulele Kit

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Love your ukulele? Know someone who does? ! Do you prefer plain colors? Or do you want to paint patterns on it? The Crafty Kit’s Ukulele Kit comes with everything you need to start your first customized ukulele. Assemble and decorate it yourself, and enjoy playing music even more!

  • Easy to assemble: The ukulele base comes with a drill in the bridge. No need for a hand tool! 
  • An all-in-one kit: Get everything you need in one amazing kit! Each set includes a drilled ukulele base, 5 primary colors of acrylic paints, and 2 sponges.
  • Make it as colorful as you want: Make the most out of your 5 acrylic paints! Paint patterns and designs that suit your preferences. Afterall, it’s more fun playing music with a ukulele that perfectly suits your style.