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The Crafty Kit

Solo Ukulele

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Are you looking for a ukulele you can decorate and gift to someone? Or maybe you’re collecting and crafting! The Crafty Kit offers a solo ukulele without any paints and sponges included in the package. Just the instrument itself and complimentary screws. Feel the satisfaction of a complete build. If you already have the supplies, here’s your ukulele, meant for crafters. 

  • Build your own customized ukulele: Screw on the bridge yourself when you’re done crafting. This package comes with complimentary screws you can use for your first DIY ukulele. You can also decorate it with your preferred designs and stencils.
  • Upgrade your screws as you want: Get square bit screws separately from this package. The Crafty Kit offers different screw types you can choose from if you want to upgrade your ukulele.
  • Stencils are sold separately: Add beautiful patterns to your ukulele effortlessly! You can find different stencil designs outside this solo ukulele package. Are you a fan of unicorns? Or you might want a floral design instead? There’s a bunch of options available!