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The Crafty Kit

DIY Resin Art Coaster Kit

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Theme: Beach

Quantity of Coasters: One Coaster


Avoid burn marks and water rings! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Resin Coaster Kit is a great activity for your family. Get several kits and decorate them in different styles and patterns! This will make a beautiful coaster collection for your teacups, mugs and glasses.

Easy to assemble and customize - Create your own pattern and design!

All-in-one kit - Start your new resin coaster with everything you need!

Each set comes with a 4x4 silicone coaster mold, resin A and resin B, popsicle sticks, gloves, disposable apron, solo cup, and accessories based on theme chosen.

Highly collectible - Look up for several pattern ideas and decorate more resin coasters! This is perfect not just for your dining table, but also for your center table and office desk if you want to bring a drink with you while working.