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Chalkboard Planter Kit

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Succulent Quantity: 3 succulent


Start your new succulent project with The Crafty Kit’s Chalkboard Planter Kit that you can customize over and over! Write “Water me” or “Have a nice day” in front of your succulent planter and change it anytime you like.

  • A complete set - Everything you need for a new rectangle planter! Each set includes a wooden planter with a chalkboard in front and a plastic insert, soil, moss, and decorative pebbles.
  • Highly customizable planter - Add more than one succulents or combine it with different plants! You can also put extra decors like wish rocks as you like.
  • A perfect collectible - Get several rectangle planters and customize them with different texts. You can put quotes, virtues, or even name your succulents!

Suggestion 2-3 succulents