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Citrine Rectangle Wooden Planter Kit

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Succulent Quantity: 1 succulent


Citrine quartz is said to help increase self-esteem and positivity. Add it to your new succulent planter and radiate positivity in your home! The Crafty Kit’s Citrine Rectangle Wooden Planter Kit is a perfect addition to your rectangular planters in your garden. Or line it up with your rose quartz collection!


  • Can be pre-arranged or organized as kits - The Crafty Kit offers pre-arrangement for this rectangle wooden planter. Assemble it yourself or get one that’s ready for display!
  • Add up to four succulents! - Classic and spacious. Can accommodate more succulents or combine them with other tiny plants!
  • Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need in one package! Each set includes decorative rocks, citrine quartz, a tapered wooden planter and moss.
  • High quality and durable wood - Citrine Rectangle Wooden Planter Kit is made with premium quality natural wood that’s lightly painted for a more classic look.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents