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Pillow Case Painting Workshop

1 Hour | 8-100+ Attendees

Transform your team's virtual workspace into a canvas of creativity with our Virtual Pillow Case Painting Team Building Workshop! Through an interactive online platform, participants will unleash their artistic talents as they paint vibrant designs on pillowcases from the comfort of their own homes. Guided by experienced facilitators, team members will explore various painting techniques, share ideas, and collaborate on creating personalized pillowcase masterpieces. This engaging workshop promotes teamwork, communication, and innovation, all while providing a fun and relaxing outlet for self-expression. By the end of the session, your team will not only have beautiful pillowcases to adorn their spaces but also strengthened bonds and a renewed sense of creativity.

This Kit Includes: 18x18 pillow case and pillow, paintbrushes, paint, paint dish, virtual instruction and ground shipping