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Mug Stand Workshop

1 Hour | 8-100+ Attendees

Energize your team with our Team Building Mug Stand & Decorating Kit, a perfect mix of creativity, collaboration, and a dash of positivity. This kit provides all the essentials for crafting personalized mug stands and decorating mugs, including precut wood pieces, tools, and a variety of oil-based Sharpies. It's an engaging way to strengthen team bonds, spark creativity, and offer a delightful break from the daily workflow. Styled with chic black hooks, the kit is ready for your team's creative touch. The included white mugs and unpainted mug stands await customization. To make every coffee break a source of inspiration, encourage your team to adorn their mug stands and mugs with positive affirmations. A personal, motivating message can transform a simple sip of coffee into a rejuvenating ritual, uplifting spirits and fostering a positive team environment.

The kit includes precut wood pieces, sandpaper, white paint, a foam brush, mugs, a Q-Tip, hooks & screws, a deck screw, an oil-based Sharpie, a screwdriver, and an alcohol pad. Shipping is included with the kit, and virtual instruction is provided to guide your team through the creative process.