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Employee Appreciation Workshop

 Make a Mini Terrarium And Gift One

1 Hour | 8-100+ Attendees

The perfect employee appreciation and team building activity! Make a terrarium to keep and one to give to your peer, colleague or friend! During the workshop, our expert instructor will provide an introduction to the art of terrarium making, including the different types of plants received and materials that can be used as well as step-by-step instructions. Once your terrarium is complete, you'll have the chance to personalize it with a variety of decorative elements, such as pebbles, moss and an accessory of choice. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to share one of your creations with a peer. This is a great way to connect with others and share your appreciation for creativity and each other!

Kit includes: 2 Vessels of Choice (4 inch), Soil, Live Succulent, 2 different colors of pebbles and moss, Accessory and Care Card.

Workshop is good for: Zen Relaxing Experience, Employee Wellness, Creativity, Hands-on, team building, employee appreciation, team bonding, , Sustainability Groups, Connection with Nature, Year Around Team Building, Plant Knowledge