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Blooms & Brushes Workshop

1 Hour | 8-100+ Attendees

Join us for "Blooms & Brushes," a workshop where creativity and relaxation converge. Led by experienced instructors, you'll delve into the art of floral arrangement and learn to personalize a vase with elegant brush strokes. This session is perfect for groups looking to explore flower arranging and unleash their creativity in painting. Crafted to foster artistic fulfillment and celebrate creativity, the Blooms & Brushes workshop is an ideal setting to ignite your creative spirit.

The "Blooms & Brushes" workshop is an excellent choice for fostering creativity, learning the art of floral arrangement, and enhancing team dynamics. It's ideal for team building, social outings, or even as a unique fundraising event. Participants not only develop artistic skills through vase personalization but also enjoy therapeutic benefits, reducing stress in a fun, social setting. This workshop offers a wonderful opportunity to create, connect, and celebrate creativity, making it a memorable experience for any group.

The kit includes multiple paint colors, brushes, flowers, and instruction.