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Wine Glass Kit

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Style: Stemless

Stemless wine glasses are all the rage now! The Crafty Kit’s Stemless Wine Glass Kit features a simple yet elegant glass you can customize based on your preferred theme and design. Get several kits and make a wonderful collection for your cellar!

-A perfect collectible - Decorate them and display them on your shelves! You can create your own theme so they will look uniformly beautiful together.

-Ideal for both adults and kids - A great family activity idea. Let your kids craft and decorate their own stemless wine glass with you! It’s easy to make and doesn’t require any special equipment.

-A complete paint kit - Start your new customized wine glass with everything you need in one set! Each kit comes with 2 21oz stemless wine glasses, 2 1oz cups of gloss enamel paints and 2 paint brushes.

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