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The Crafty Kit

DIY Holiday Truck Ceramic Kit



Ceramic decor is perfect for almost all corners of your home especially for your shelves. Create a beautiful collection of Christmas trucks for the holiday season! With The Crafty Kit’s DIY Holiday Truck Ceramic Kit, decorate a plain bisqueware and turn it into a wonderful holiday truck. Perfect for your Christmas village collection! 

  • Durable and high quality - Made with premium quality ceramics. These holiday trucks will definitely last for a long time!
  • Easy to assemble and customize - Perfect for people of all skill levels! Both adults and kids will enjoy decorating their own holiday trucks. It will make a great project for families and a perfect piece for the holidays!
  • Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need to start crafting colorful trucks! Each set includes a 9x4 ½ x 7 ceramic truck, Mayco paint kit pod and two paint brushes.
  • Decorate it with Christmas lights! - Make it more colorful and lively! This DIY holiday truck kit has holes for plastic bulbs. A perfect night light for your Christmas tree