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Top 10 Crystals For Good Energy

Written by Katherine Tozduman


Posted on August 12 2020

Curious about energy crystals? These beautiful stones come in different attractive forms and eye-catching colors. For beginners, it may feel intimidating to use healing crystals or energy crystals but we’ve made a guide for you to help you get started. 

Crystals are popular in the field of alternative healing practices. The crystal's energy interacts with the body’s energy field or chakra. It promotes the flow of good energy that helps with physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional healing. 

Being open-minded helps with obtaining positive qualities they can give. It has been used throughout the years to cure or prevent illnesses, provide better sleep, draw out negativity, and attract positive energy.

But remember that crystals are not magical stones that will transform your life instantly. Instead, use them as a guide for understanding deeper layers of yourself and working towards your improvement.

Why you should add crystals to your garden

Asie from the healing practices, crystals are used today as accessories, jewelry, coasters, and decor for rooms and gardens.

Like humans can absorb energy from crystals, it is believed that plants also can help them grow strong and healthy. These lovely stones can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere or decorative addition to your garden.

We’ve listed the best crystals you can use for yourself or for your plants to manifest good energy.

1. Clear Quartz - Balance
Clear QuartzClear quartz or the "Master Healer" is a powerful crystal used for strengthening the spirit, clearing the mind, and finding balance. If you don’t know where to start, get a clear quartz to connect with your higher self. It’s also useful for amplifying the effects of other crystals when used as an accessory, during rituals, in your bath, or by placing it in your garden.


2. Amethyst - Sincerity

AmethystRemove your negative thoughts and let the crystal help you with humility and spiritual wisdom. This beautiful purple gem is known for its healing, protecting, and purifying properties. Amethyst is also said to boost root growth and makes a wonderful finish for a garden or even succulent terrarium

 3. Moonstone - Inner growth

MoonstoneThe “Stone of New Beginnings” soothes uneasiness, stress, and instability. The moonstone derives its energy from the moon and promotes thinking, intuition, and inspiration. It’s excellent for people who need the courage to start a new chapter of their life.

4. Citrine - Optimism

CitrineFend off negativity with the help of citrine. This yellow crystal reflects bright light and is known for bringing happiness and optimistic energy. Since it harnesses its energy from the sun, placing this crystal on plants near the windowsill will energize you and your plant. 

5. Moss Agate  - Abundance

Moss AgateMoss agate, also known as “Gardener’s Stone”, symbolizes abundance, success, and prosperity. It is popular with gardeners as it helps create a connection between the person and their plant. This crystal can be used to ward off negative energy in your plant or cleanse your inner self.

6. Sodalite - Harmonizer

SodalitePromote harmony, trust, and communication with the help of sodalite. This rich blue stone helps your self-esteem and strengthens the bond with you and others. It also has the ability to clear electromagnetic pollution so placing it with plants in the office or at home is beneficial.

7. Smoky Quartz - Grounding 

Smoky QuartzThe protective energy that the Smoky Quartz emits is helpful for removing negative emotions such as stress, anger, jealousy, and fear. Wearing this as an accessory or using it as a decor for your home or garden will help generate healing properties and a calm and grounded aura.

8. Peacock Ore - Joy 

Peacock OreThis colorful iridescent stone with tarnish effect symbolizes happiness and joy. It is known for infusing good energy and attracting positive forces for a better direction in life. Using a peacock ore also brings a unique touch to gardens or terrariums.

9. Fluorite  - Intellect

FluoriteFluorite or the "Genius Stone" is also one of the most colorful minerals. It symbolizes mental clarity and is known for increasing concentration, confidence, and decision making. It’s also known for removing impurities and bringing physical and mental balance. You can never go wrong by using this multicolored crystal in your garden as it can match almost any plant!

10. Rose Quartz - Love

Rose QuartzRose quartz is a gorgeous pink gem that helps users attract and keep the love for themselves or others. This is useful for people who want to restore trust, harmony and improve relationships. This also promotes healing of the heart and forgiveness in times of grief. Adding a touch of this pink crystal to your backyard or terrarium adds beauty and promotes peace and calmness. 

Choose a crystal that connects with you the most or what you think is most appealing. These gorgeous stones are wonderful to add to your routine, home, or garden. 

Crystals enhance the beauty of a plant so we added them in our kits. Check out our Succulent Terrarium Kits and see how you can use crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, and peacock ore with your plants!



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