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The Crafty Kit’s Crystal Room Guide

Written by Katherine Tozduman


Posted on August 02 2023

Here are some examples of crystals that could benefit specific rooms at home, or in the workspace.There are overlaps, as many crystals can be used for multiple purposes in different rooms and the energy the crystals give off reflects our emotions and feelings.


Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz- The workspace needs concentration, focus, and organization to promote an efficient pace of productivity and innovation.


Citrine, Clear Quartz- Boosts positivity and liveliness, as the kitchen also needs expressiveness in creating nourishments.

Living Room

The Amethyst is known for relaxation and offers calming energy, great for a room where people chill out after a hard day's work or where guests talk and hang out.


Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz- This is where most of your self-care and routines start and end, as these quartz represent love (either as a reminder to others or yourself) and are essential for a tranquil environment to begin or finish a hard day's work.


Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz- Rest is key for replenishing energy, and these crystals could aid towards better sleep in general, radiating peaceful energy in the bedroom.

Written By: Andrew Kim



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