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The Benefits of Essential Oils For Plants

Written by Katherine Tozduman


Posted on August 02 2023

Four essential oils that are safe to spray on your indoor plants, look for these different types that contribute to helping in their way against specific pests. Natural plant protection is key against diseases that some critters can bring to the plants.

Here are a few essential oils that offer unique perks to benefit the plants.


  • Neem oil / peppermint can be natural plant pesticides for most bugs that mostly harm plants indoors or outdoors, like beetles, spiders, and ants.
  • Rosemary can also do something similar with repelling common pests and their larvae, as well as attracting pollinators like butterflies outside.
  • Lemongrass oil has another ingredient in citronella, a natural oil that contains a repellent for insects, especially mosquitoes and flies while encouraging plant growth as a healthy option for plants.
  • Cedar oil can repel other nuisance critters some of the plant pesticides miss out on, like snails and slugs or roaches and moths, while even going a step further by neutralizing their neurotransmitters, naturally repelling them.

Written By: Andrew Kim



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