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The Crafty Kit

Ying Yang Lilly Bowl Planter Kit



Yin yang symbolizes the balance of life, allowing extra productivity and better holistic health. Use this as a theme for your new planter! Perfect if you have a black and white motif in the room. Start a minimalist-inspired succulent garden with The Crafty Kit’s Ying Yang Lilly Bowl Planter Kit.

  • Can easily be customized - Imitate a yin yang symbol using succulents! Arrange your decorative rocks and put up to four succulents as you like.
  • A complete set - Get everything you need in one package! Each kit includes soil, white and neutral decorative rocks, a lily bowl, neutral moss and a clear quartz crystal.
  • A perfect gift idea - Radiate positive energy and productivity to your loved ones with this Ying Yang Lilly Bowl Planter Kit! Assemble it yourself, or give it as a kit and let them arrange their new yin yang-inspired planter.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents