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The Crafty Kit

Wooden Art Planter Kit- with faux succulent


2 faux succulent


Turn a simple glass bowl into a colorful succulent planter! The Crafty Kit’s Sand Art Planter Kit comes with five different sand colors you can creatively arrange as your base. Play with it and transform it into something different every day or every week if you like! Get several bowls to display different colors and patterns!


  • Highly customizable - Decorate your new succulent planter in your own way! You can try different patterns for your base or just simply layer the colors as you prefer. You can also add extra decors depending on your taste.
  • A complete set - Find everything you need in one package. Each sand art planter kit includes 2 faux succulents decorative white rocks, mini orange sands a decorative dinosaur, rose bowl glass vase 
  • Transparent and classic - Appreciate the colorful design of your succulent planter more with its transparent design! This also makes it a classic countertop or bedside decor where you can easily see the beautiful layers of decorative sands.
  • A perfect succulent gift idea - Give this sand art planter kit to your loved ones and let their creativity out! They will definitely enjoy decorating their own faux succulent planter as much as you do.