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Terrarium Workshop: In-Person Workshop Westwood, NJ

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Style: 2 Succulent


Classic Terrarium Workshop Details:

Time: 1 hour

Create a miniature ecosystem to bring the beauty of nature into your home with our Classic terrarium workshop. During this workshop our instructor will guide you through the meditative process of creating a beautiful terrarium, while discovering the art of laying

Various textures, and colors or Pebbles, moss, and soil. Enjoy a selection of succulents to choose from our succulent bar to complete your piece, and embellish their new home with a decorative toy to give it a personal touch. You will also gain valuable knowledge on how to care for your new garden during class, ensuring that your creation will remain a thriving piece of living art!


Workshop Includes: vessel of choice (glass or wood) decorative pebbles, decorative moss, decorative toy,  succulents and soil

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