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The Crafty Kit

Succulent Trio Kit

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Add three elegant succulent arrangements to your tiny glass planter collection! These will go anywhere! Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, your office. They just fit! The Crafty Kit’s Succulent Trio Kit comes with three glasses in one package where you can put your succulents and create your desired theme.


  • Customize them as you like - Make your own mini beach or a deserted island out of this planter kit! You can also add extra decors depending on your preferred theme.
  • Comes in a complete set - All in one package! Each planter kit includes three glass oval planters, three succulents, one cup of neutral sand, soil, moss, shells and pebbles.
  • Stylish and transparent - Appreciate your new succulent arrangements more through their transparent display!
  • Made with high quality materials - These planters are made with premium glass with a sturdy base to ensure durability for a long time.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents