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The Crafty Kit

Sealed Frame



Plain frames always look good for your resin projects. They make your artwork stand out! The Crafty Kit’s Sealed Frame comes in different colors that will definitely match your wall themes! Grab several frames of the same color and line up your resin art beautifully!

-Choose your desired color! - Available in gold and black colors. These frames will add elegance to your resin arts as you put them up in your wall!

-Suitable for 8x10 resin projects - Get yourself a resin kit and choose your own preferred resin frame outside the package! The Crafty Kit’s Sealed Frame is perfect for standard 8x10 resin arts.

-Highly customizable - Decorate your frames as you like! You can add themes or other extra decor to match with your resin art project and make it look like a 3D art.