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The Crafty Kit

Sealed Beaded Light Gold Frame



Display your resin arts in a more elegant frame! The Crafty Kit’s Sealed Beaded Light Gold Frame features a beautiful accent of beads lined up on its sides to make it look more classic and stylish. Get several frames and create a beautiful wall decor out of your resin art projects!

-Perfect for 8x10 resin art projects - Grab a classic frame outside the resin kit packages! This beaded light gold frame is perfect for resin arts with elegant decor like sequins and glitters.

-A beautiful wall decor - Ideal for minimalist and classic interior themes. A light gold frame will definitely match a white or beige wall!

-High quality and durable - Make your resin art projects last for a long time as a beautiful wall display! This beaded light gold frame is made with premium quality materials.