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The Crafty Kit

Seaglass 2oz cups



Make your resin crafts look brighter and more elegant! The Crafty Kit’s Seaglass Cups are a perfect finishing decoration for either your new resin art project, or your succulent garden. Get several colors and arrange them in beautiful designs or patterns!

-Pick your preferred color! - These Seaglass Cups are available in six different colors: blue, peach, green, clear, pink and teal. Choose one that perfectly matches your resin art or succulent garden’s theme and motif!

-Perfect for mosaic artworks - Multipurpose seaglasses. Aside from resin art projects and succulent garden decor, these seaglasses are also suitable for mosaic! You can combine different colors and make your own pattern.

-Comes in random shapes - Create different designs out of these random shapes! Arrange them as a beautiful butterfly or create a replica of a wave to add to your beach-themed collection.