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The Crafty Kit

Rose Quartz Slope Bowl Planter Kit



Rose quartz is said to help increase blood circulation especially when held close to your heart. Just like your succulents making your heart happy! The Craft Kit’s Rose Quartz Slope Bowl Planter Kit makes a lovely pink-themed addition to your collection! 

  • Stylish and classic - Assemble your succulents together with a lovely rose quartz.  Combined with decorative rocks and colored moss, this will create an eye-pleasing and classic home decor.
  • Durable and flawless glass bowl - This glass bowl is made with high quality materials with a solid weighted base to ensure durability.
  • Slope and sturdy design - Decorate your new planter conveniently! Its slope design allows you to arrange everything inside easily.
  • Comes in complete set - Get everything you need to start your lovely planter! Each package includes a 6-inch slope glass bowl, a rose quarts, decorative rocks, moss and an instruction card.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents