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The Crafty Kit

Resin Art 2 oz kit



Continue crafting your resin projects without worrying about running out of epoxy and hardener! The Crafty Kit offers epoxy kits separated from the resin art kits you can use if you want to create more creative or themed resin projects or just simply running out of materials.

-Complete set - Get your extra hardener and epoxy in one set! This Resin Art 2oz Kit includes both 2oz of epoxy and 2oz of hardener manufactured by Art Resin.

-Perfect for 8x10 frames - Recycle and craft a beautiful artwork with your old frames! This epoxy and hardener kit is suitable for 8x10 frames. If you have a smaller frame, then you can use this for several artworks!

-High quality and durable - Make your resin arts last for a long time! The Crafty Kit’s epoxy and hardener kit is made with premium quality materials for intensive durability of your decorations.