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The Crafty Kit

Rectangle Distressed Drawer Kit for Team Class


3 succulent


Complete your drawer planter collection with a gnome guard to protect your succulents! The Crafty Kit’s Rectangle Distressed Drawer Kit is perfect for your patio or kitchen, or any room with a rustic or shabby chic style. 

  • A classic planter - Get mesmerized by how an old drawer looks good when turned into a spacious planter! This distressed rectangular drawer is painted with a combination of brown and white to imitate a drawer you often see in your grandparents’ house.
  • Comes in a complete set - Everything you need in one planter kit! Each package includes a distressed rectangle drawer, soil, two cups of sand and neutral pebbles, a gnome, moss and a mushroom.
  • Customize it all you want! - Arrange your new succulents and add extra decor! You can also create a theme that will match your gnome.

Suggestion 3 succulents