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The Crafty Kit

Pre-owned Tile Cutter



Time to cut your own tile pieces for your next mosaic art! The Crafty Kit’s Pre-Owned Tile Cutters are previously used in mosaic making events but are still in very good condition. Cut your tiles perfectly based on your desired shape!


  • Maintained and sanitized - Clean and ready to use! This pre-owned tile cutter has been sanitized well before shipping.
  • Take your mosaic project to the next level! - This is an essential tool if you want to cut your mosaic tiles further. Grab this and craft your own shape more conveniently!
  • Comes with a comfortable grip handle - Craft your mosaic more comfortably! This tile cutter is made with a soft rubber coat to give you the best control when cutting your mosaic tiles. It’s also anti-slip and comes with a strong spring.