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The Crafty Kit

Pre-cut Glass Tiles



It’s absolutely addicting to craft with glass tiles. You don’t want to run out! The Crafty Kit offers extra pre-cut glass tiles separate from the mosaic kits. Grab new colors to make your mosaics more colorful!

  • Pre-cut into triangles - Get your extra glass tiles ready for crafting! Each pack includes 75 pieces of triangle pre-cut glass tiles that come in different colors.
  • Pick your own color! - The Crafty Kit ships pre-cut glass tiles in mystery variety packs. But you can request a specific color as you like! Add your desired color in the note section before checking out.
  • A pack of both flat and foil colors - Add some variety to your mosaic! Each pack is equally divided into half flat colors and foil colors.
  • Arrange them in your own way! - Pick your desired pattern and craft a new mosaic project! You can use it for your coasters, trivets or trays to make them look more colorful.