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Peacock crystal Planter Kit


Peacock Crystal Planter Kit

A peacock ore symbolizes happiness and joy, and can spread positive vibes. Just like the uplifting feeling you have when looking at your bunch of lovely succulents! The Crafty Kit’s Peacock Crystal Planter Kit features lovely peacock crystals that can make a new beautiful succulent arrangement.

  • A complete set - Get everything you need in one set! Each planter kit includes soil, decorative rocks, purple moss, peacock crystals, a slope bowl, and 3 succulents.
  • Classic and stylish slope bowl - Arrange your lovely succulent planter more easily. Its bowl’s slope design allows you to put everything inside and see your beautiful succulent arrangement more conveniently.
  • A perfect gift idea - Send positive vibes to your loved ones through this succulent planter kit! Assemble it yourself or give it as a kit and let them customize their own planter.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents