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The Crafty Kit

Mosaic Trivet Kit

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Trivets are a handy kitchen essential perfect for holding your pots and pans without scorching your counters or tables. And you can always spice it up to make it more beautiful and personalized! Unleash your creativity through The Crafty Kit’s Mosaic Trivet Kit and make your own lovely trivet.

  • Comes in a complete set - Everything you need to start a new mosaic trivet! Each kit includes a 6x6 ceramic tile, 1 oz of glue, 2.5 oz of grout, pre-cut glass tiles in assorted colors, gloves, popsicle sticks and adhesive felt circles.
  • A perfect family bonding activity - Whose design is the best? Get several Mosaic Trivet Kits and let your kids decorate them with you! It’s always best to see handcrafted kitchen essentials especially if you made them with your family.
  • Choose specific colors as you like - The Crafty Kit accommodates requests for specific colors for this mosaic trivet kit. Just email us at to confirm the availability of your chosen color.