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The Crafty Kit

Mermaid Planter Kit



Bring out your love for mermaids with The Crafty Kit’s Mermaid Planter Kit! Or just add it to your eclectic collection of succulent planters. 

A custom mermaid tail with an accent of beautiful rocks to give you an underwater vibe. Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. Or anywhere at home! 

  • Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need to start an underwater-like succulent planter! Each kit includes soil, white, neutral and blue sea glass decorative rocks, a custom clay mermaid tail, shells and succulents.
  • Spacious and easy to customize - Arrange and decorate your new planter a lot easier! It comes with a slope bowl with a wide opening so you can easily put everything inside and let the mermaid tail stick out.
  • Slope and classic design - Enjoy your new succulent planter more with its slope design. Easily see and appreciate your lovely arrangement even if you put it on your shelf! 

 Suggestion 2-3 succulents