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The Crafty Kit

Graduation Resin Frame

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Craft a creative graduation gift for your friends and loved ones! Whether they’re graduating from high school, college, postgrad degree, or even finished training and certifications, The Crafty Kit’s Graduation Resin Frame is a perfect gift for them. Customize this DIY kit depending on the recipient’s interest!

-Available in different frame colors - Pick a color that perfectly complements your walls! This graduation resin frame comes in 3 different frame colors: gold, black and white.

-Make it for your friends or for yourself! - Create your own resin art to reward and congratulate yourself after your accomplishments! You can personalize it with your picture and put it in your room for inspiration of a job well done.

-Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need for a new resin art frame! Each kit includes an 8x10 frame, 2oz pebbles, your own choice of stencil, gloves, popsicle stick, cup and 2oz of art resin epoxy and hardener.