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The Crafty Kit

Gnome Planter Kit



A happy home has a cute gnome! And a gnome is the earth’s treasures’ guard. Place it inside your planter so it can protect your lovely succulents. Start your adorable succulent planter collection with The Crafty Kit’s Gnome Planter Kit.

  • High quality sloped bowl - Decorate your bowl planter easier! Its slope design allows you to put everything inside and organize them conveniently.
  • Add up to three succulents! - Get a spacious planter as a home decor. This bowl planter comes with a wide opening and enough space to accommodate more than one succulent.
  • Easy to arrange and customizable - Add a layer of decorative sand if you like! Easily arrange everything inside and make it as colorful as you want.
  • Comes in a complete set - This Gnome Planter Kit has everything you need! Each package includes soil, white and blue pebbles, blue sea glass, a 3-inch gnome pie and 3 succulents.