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The Crafty Kit

Glue & Grout Kit



Don’t wait until your glue and grout are all used up! The Crafty Kit offers glue and grout kit so you can still continue crafting your favorite mosaic collection without running out of supplies.

  • Available in separate items - Whether you need extra glue or grout, The Crafty Kit got them all for you! You can get them separately from the kit if you don’t need them both.
  • Strong adhesive glue - Keep your colorful tile pieces together! The Crafty Kit’s glue is made with high quality materials to ensure it’s strong enough to hold tiles for a beautiful mosaic.
  • Perfect for all types of ceramic and mosaic tiles - This glue and grout kit have excellent adhesion suitable for any types of tiles.
  • Easy to clean grout - Remove excess grout easily after finishing your mosaic! You can use soap and water to clean up your craft and let it dry before using.