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The Crafty Kit

Pumpkin Patch Wooden Planter



Put up a pumpkin inspired succulent planter for your garden! The Crafty Kit’s Pumpkin Patch Wooden Planter is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anyone who loves fall.

  • Customize your own pumpkin garden! - Arrange your new succulent planter in a mini pumpkin garden! You can also add other tiny plants or extra decor as you like.
  • All-in-one set - Everything you need for a new planter! Each kit includes a wooden container, soil, decorative black rocks, mango moss, a pumpkin sign, two pumpkins and glitter balls.
  • A perfect collectible - Get several Pumpkin Patch Wooden Planters and put different tiny plants! This will make a beautiful wooden terrarium collection in your garden.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents