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The Crafty Kit

DIY American Star Kit



Teach your kids how to be patriotic and guide them in creating their own American star! The Crafty Kit’s DIY American Star Kit comes with a ceramic star you can use as an interior decor for your home. It’s perfect for veteran’s families or currently working in the armed forces. Create several American stars and use them as a beautiful decor for the Fourth of July for your patio and windows.

  • Easy to assemble and customize - Perfect for people of all skill levels and ages! This DIY American Star Kit is a simple artwork that doesn’t require any special equipment. Just you, your paintbrushes and your acrylic paints!
  • Complete set - Get everything you need in one kit! Each set comes with a ceramic star plaque, red, white and blue acrylic paint and a paintbrush.
  • Enjoy it with your family! - Take this as an exciting family activity! Grab several kits and let your kids decorate their own American star.
  • Comes with a comprehensive instruction - This DIY kit is perfect even for a novice! Each package comes with an instructional guide on how you can start crafting your own American star.