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The Crafty Kit

DIY Wine Bottle Mosaic Kit



Wine bottles are always elegant-looking. Aside from collecting signature wines in your cellar, creating a stunning wine bottle mosaic is great! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Wine Bottle Mosaic Kit is perfect for your home bar and kitchen. Grab several kits and craft wine bottle mosaics of different patterns!

  • A great family bonding activity - Share your extra kits to your family! This DIY Wine Bottle Mosaic Kit is perfect for any novice and can easily be created at the comfort of your home.
  • All in one kit - Get everything you need in one set! Each kit comes with a wine bottle plaque, green, purple, purple incandescent and clear round mosaic pieces, glue, grout, purple acrylic paint, paint brush and printed project instructions.
  • A perfect home decor! - Display your artwork and make a beautiful room decor! This wine bottle -mosaic is a great centerpiece for your table whether it’s for your home or for your office.
  • Collect several wine bottle mosaics! - This mosaic kit is highly collectible. Craft different mosaic patterns and line them all up on your shelves! The combination of colors put together in different designs will look perfectly beautiful.