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The Crafty Kit

DIY Pumpkin Sand Slope Bowl Planter Kit



Colorful sand always looks good with succulents! And a slope glass bowl planter is a perfect way to expose your succulents to sunlight well. The Crafty Kit’s DIY Pumpkin Sand Slope Bowl Planter Kit features a rustic theme perfect for your center table, shelves or other corners of your home.

  • Comes in a complete set - Everything you need for a new glass bowl planter! Each kit includes an 8-inch slope bowl, a pumpkin, decorative rocks, mango moss, birch, gold and white pebbles, orange sand, soil and a DIY instructional/plant care card.
  • Customize it as you like - Easily arrange your new succulent planter with its wide opening. You can also add up to four succulents or combine them with other tiny plants! For a more colorful base, you can put other sand colors and layer them.
  • High quality and durable - This glass bowl is made with premium quality materials with a solid weighted base to ensure durability.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents