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The Crafty Kit

DIY Plaid Holiday Wooden Planter Kit



 Create a wonderful box of succulents out of The Crafty Kit’s DIY Plaid Holiday Wooden Planter Kit! This will look perfectly good for homes with vintage and rustic themes. Get several kits and customize each of them!

  • A perfect Christmas gift! - Assemble them on your own and give them to your friends and relatives as a gift! Your loved ones will appreciate it especially if they know you crafted each planter with love.
  • Spacious and durable - Add up to four succulents! This planter is made with high quality wood and can accommodate more tiny plants.
  • A complete set - Create your new wooden planter with everything you need! Each kit includes a 6-inch wooden planter, decorative pine cone, red and green moss, white and neutral pebbles, plaid ribbon, soil and a DIY instructional/plant care card.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents