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The Crafty Kit

DIY Gnome Fall Chalkboard Planter Kit



Gnomes are known to protect anyone from evil. Get yourself a DIY Gnome Fall Chalkboard Planter Kit from The Crafty Kit and keep this small humanoid creature to take good care of your succulents!

  • Comes in a complete set - Get everything you need to start your new gnome planter! Each kit includes a wooden planter with chalkboard front and a plastic insert, soil, moss, decorative pebbles, black pebbles, green sand, neutral and wish rocks, pumpkin and a gnome.
  • Spacious and easy to customize - Arrange your new succulent planter in any way you like! You can also add up to four succulents or combine them with other tiny plants to create variety.
  • Write down your thoughts! - Write virtues, quotes, or even name your new succulent arrangement! Easily change your text anytime you like.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents