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The Crafty Kit

DIY Fall Split Terrarium



Add another split planter to your collection--this time, an autumn-themed one! The Crafty Kit’s DIY Fall Split Terrarium is a spacious terrarium with dividers where you can put your succulents and other tiny plants. A wooden planter perfect for your patio, center table or shelves with rustic or vintage themes.

  • A customizable wish rock - Choose your own word for your wish rock. You can for virtues, or even name your new planter!
  • Personalize your own wood sign! - What you wish is what you get! Customize and label your wood sign as you like.
  • All-in-one set - Get everything you need in one kit! Each package includes soil, two cups of black and neutral pebbles, moss, pumpkins, six succulents, a custom wood sign and a wish rock.
  • Gnomes are sold separately - Add a gnome for extra decor! Gnomes are said to be the earth’s treasures’ guard.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents