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DIY Light Up Snowman Ceramic Kit



White Christmas is never complete without Mr. Snowman. Get several DIY Light Up Snowman Ceramic Kits from The Crafty Kit and paint them in different colors! These will make an instant cute collection display for your mantelpiece or your living room.

  • All-in-one kit - Start your new DIY snowman with everything you need! Each kit comes with a 6 ¼ x 4x 3 ¼ ceramic snowman, Mayco paint kit pod and 2 paint brushes.
  • A perfect Christmas decor - Complete your white Christmas-themed home with an adorable snowman! This DIY Light Up Snowman Ceramic Kit is a perfect centerpiece for your dining table, or even a decor for your shelves and Christmas tree.
  • Highly customizable - Decorate your snowman in your own way! You can also get several kits and use different Christmas light colors to make a variety. This DIY Snowman comes with tiny holes where you can put some lights to make it more lively.