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Chunky Blanket Arm Knitting: In-Person Workshop Westwood, NJ 5/5

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Size: 3 Skein

Chunky Blanket Arm Knitting Workshop Details:

Time: 2 Hours+

Get Comfy with your very own fluffy blanket perfect for a chilly night, or as a throw to enhance your home. All are welcome to learn the simple process of arm knitting, a craft especially perfect for beginners. This technique is an accessible form of knitting that eliminates traditional knitting needles, using your hands instead to work the loops of yarn. We will provide you with an array of yarn choices, the only required materials are your hands and presence! This easy and efficient method of knitting will allow you to leave this class with the most cozy blanket and the skills to create beautiful blankets and more! Enjoy learning the practical skill of knitting, with the unique twist of moving your body to create a beautiful handmade blanket to treasure

Limited Spots available! 

*** Upon Sign Up, a google form wil be emailed to you in which you can select your desired skein colors***

Workshop includes- Instruction and Yarn

  • Over 15+ colors of yarn are available to choose from 

During our workshop we will be knitting with 3 skeins of yarn. which knits a throw size blanket. The blanket can always grow in size options to purchase additional skeins are available at our workshop of which you can complete at your spare time.

Our session will take 2 hours to complete.