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The Crafty Kit

Celfie Medium Planter kit

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Get yourself a bigger version of this cozy planter! The Crafty Kit’s Celfie Medium Planter Kit offers more space for your air plants and is a perfect collectible along with its mini version. With its white and brown colors, these will look good together when lined up in your garden or on your shelf!

  • All-in-one kit! - Everything you need in one package. Each set includes a ceramic planter, two 1 to 2-inch Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra, or two donkey tail succulents.
  • High quality and sturdy ceramics - Protect your lovely succulents and air plants with a durable planter! Celfie Medium Planter Kit has a sturdy base made with premium quality ceramics.
  • A perfect collectible - Grab the white and brown variants of this Celfie Medium Planter Kit! It’s also available in tiny versions if you want to put one air plant or donkey succulent instead of two.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents