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The Crafty Kit

Candle Making: In-person Workshop Westwood, NJ


Combine your love of comfort and home decorating with arts and crafts in this fun candle-making event. Our instructor Katherine will guide you through the candle-making process as you make three custom-designed candles. 

Infuse with your selection of fragrances and color combinations. You'll be able to choose from 15 fragrance options to create a custom candle all your own. Share this fun and relaxing experience with friends, family, or team members. Get started by booking candle-making classes today!


  • Time: 60 Minutes
  • Attendees: 8-100+ Attendees
  • Workshop is good for: Employee Wellness, Creativity, new hire onboarding, employee appreciation, DEI inclusion, Team Building
  • Highly requested During Fall & winter
  • Kit Includes: 3 8 oz jelly jars, soy wax flakes, 3 wicks, a cup, gloves, choice of fragrance, and stir sticks