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The Crafty Kit

Butterfly Tin Garden Kit

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Let your love for butterflies out! The Crafty Kit’s Butterfly Tin Garden Kit comes with four  different butterfly colors and planter designs that’s perfect for your collection. Get them all and create your own mini butterfly garden at home!

  • A complete set - Everything you need for your butterfly garden! Each set includes a tin planter (various designs offered will be shipped based on availability,) soil, moss, decorative pebbles, mushroom pie, a butterfly accessory and a care and instruction card.
  • Stylish and spacious - Add up to four succulents or other tiny plants in your new tin planter! Its round shape makes it easier for you to arrange your succulents and decors in different patterns as you like.
  • A perfect gift idea - Radiate happiness to your friends or family who love butterflies! Assemble it yourself or give them an organized kit and let them arrange it in any way they like.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents