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The Crafty Kit

Beach Chalkboard Planter Kit



Add some beach vibe to your collection and assemble your new succulent arrangement with The Crafty Kit’s Beach Chalkboard Planter Kit! This succulent planter makes a beautiful mini replica of the beach you always love.


  • Stylish and spacious - Add up to four succulents in your new planter! This stylish rectangle terrarium is spacious enough to accommodate more small plants and decors.
  • Easy to assemble - Create your own version of a beach with this planter kit! You can add more colorful pebbles or other beach decors as you like. 
  • All-in-one kit - Get everything you need in one package! Each set includes a wooden planter with a chalkboard in front and a plastic insert, soil, moss, decorative pebbles and an air plant.
  • Customize it all you want! - Change your text anytime you like. You can write different quotes everyday, or just simply anything that reminds you of a beach.

Suggestion 2-3 succulents