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The Crafty Kit

Amber Wine Bottle Painting Kit



Turn a simple amber wine bottle into an artwork! The Crafty Kit’s Amber Wine Bottle Painting Kit offers a sleek bottle you can personalize based on your desired look. Make it as colorful as you want, or create your own theme to suit your home interior design!

-Comes in a complete set - Create a new customized wine bottle with everything you need! Each kit comes with a 750ML amber bottle, a cork fairy light, 5 1oz cups of gloss enamel paints and 2 paint brushes.

-Highly customizable - Decorate it in your own way! You can get several wine bottle painting kits and create a theme for your new collection.

-A perfect gift idea - Customize it and give it as a gift for your friends and loved ones! You can also give it as a kit and let them decorate it with their own creativity.