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The Crafty Kit

Amber Growler Painting Kit

$25.00 $35.00


Take your growler to the next level! Get yourself an Amber Growler Painting Kit from The Crafty Kit and personalize your own growler. With your beautiful painting and design, this will definitely stand out on your bar counter, dining room, or kitchen!

-Comes in a complete set - An all-in-one kit. Each set comes with a 64oz amber bottle, 5 1oz cups of gloss enamel paints and 2 paint brushes.

-A perfect collectible - Turn your cellar or brewery into a collection of customized and painted growlers! This is perfect for those who love beers and looking for a great way to spice up their growler collection.

-Customize it based on your own preferences - Make it as colorful and as creative as you want! This growler comes in a plain and simple exterior and it’s up to you on how you’ll turn it into a beautiful artwork.